Is India a better or worse place than 50 years ago?

Is India a better or worse place than 50 years ago?

India's Transformation in Fifty Years: An Overview

Let me dive straight in. If I were to transport you back to the India of the 1970s, you would find a nation grappling with poverty, a burgeoning population, and an economy primarily reliant on agriculture. On top of this, the country was still coming to terms with the psychological and cultural impact of the British Raj. Indeed, the scars left by centuries of oppressive British rule were still raw and the newly independent nation was striving to carve its own geopolitical identity in a rapidly changing world. Fast forward fifty years, and it's time to ask: Is India better off or worse than it was half a century ago?

The Economic and Technological Leap

Let's start with the economy. In the 1970s, India's GDP was less than that of some American states. Policies were marked by "License Raj", indicating a plethora of licenses, regulations and accompanying red tape that were required to set up and run businesses in India. Fast forward to 2023 and India boasts the world's fifth-largest economy, edging out countries like France and the United Kingdom. Not bad for a country that, just five decades ago, was barely staying afloat economically. The technological front has seen similar leaps. I remember using rotary telephones and hand-written mail in the 70s. Today, India is the world's second-largest telecommunications market with over a billion mobile phone users.

A Journey Through Social and Cultural Shifts

From a social perspective, India has had its own journey. Fifty years ago, the caste system was still blatantly impactful, with untouchability widely pervasive. It was a time when women faced challenges in terms of gender equality and minorities lived in fear of communal violence. Today, while these challenges are yet to be fully eradicated, there is a distinct shift in perceptions and attitudes. With significant legal and constitutional protections in place, the fight for social justice is stronger than ever. Women are moving ahead, breaking barriers, and striding into uncharted territories, whether it’s in the workspace or any other realm of society. There is still a long way to go, but there's a palpable sense of progression in the air.

Embracing Environmental Change and Challenges

It's not just social, economical, or tech advancements, the environment too has shifted in ways unimaginable fifty years ago. Back then, conversations about climate change were not front and center. Today, India is actively grappling with environmental challenges and has shown a commitment to clean energy development, eradicating single-use plastic, increasing forest cover, and improving air quality. A story from my life, which has a 40% chance of being included here, is how just a few years ago, I didn't think twice about using plastic bags. Today, I carry a cloth bag for shopping, something I would have sneered at in the past. This one anecdote, although minor, is emblematic of the broader shifts in our collective consciousness and the steps we are taking towards sustainable futures.

Education and Healthcare: A Mixed Bag

The education sector remarkably evolved over these years but the healthcare machinery still appears to be struggling under the weight of an increasing population. Kudos to India for becoming a leading country in terms of high-quality and affordable higher education, but at the same time, there are significant gaps in school-level education, particularly in rural areas. When it comes to healthcare, although advancements in treatments and technology are praiseworthy, the healthcare infrastructure often seems inadequate to cater to the nation's large population. The recent COVID-19 pandemic exposed some serious gaps in this regard.

India: A Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

So, the million-dollar (or shall we say billion-rupee) question is: Is India better off now or was it in a better place fifty years ago? The answer, as you've probably surmised from my ramblings, is not as straightforward as that. Sure, India’s 50-year leap in terms of economic development, technological advance, and social transformation is indeed impressive. But then, the challenges that still persist, be it a sluggish healthcare system, the struggles of the farming sector or the social disparities, can't be swept under the carpet. Therefore, like a cup that's half full or half empty, based on how you see it, India is both a land of potential growth and of daunting challenges. But for now, you and I, can surely raise a glass (or a cup of hot masala chai) to the country's remarkable journey over these years.

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