Google Analytics

Website Trends that Reveal Business Opportunities

Unless you just like seeing pretty graphs and charts, website analytics isn’t just about how many people visited your site or how long they stayed. It’s about user behavior and trends that reveal new ways to drive profitable engagement online. Varun Infosys Digital believes in the power of data to create ongoing success for our clients.

Goal-Centric Online Tracking and Reporting

Well-defined goals are the heartbeat of online strategies that work. Our team consists of individuals who like to ask “why,” and use ongoing web reporting to power digital strategiesthat align to objectives.

  • Are the right people coming to your site? If not, what needs to change?
  • Where are the people coming from who take the most desirable action(s) on your site?Whether it’s making purchases, signing up for newsletters, requesting information, or contacting you, we keep an eye on the most valuable metrics of engagement.
  • What keywords are leading the right people to your site? Insights from organic and paid search alike reveal how people are finding you…and what they do once they reach you.
  • What pages on your site are most visited? With insight into what your customers are looking for, we uncover what you’re doing well and what you may need to expand on.
  • What pages of your site are people leaving from? Using data, we propose changes that could be made to pages to improve overall site effectiveness.

The purpose of analytics is not to “report” statistics. While statistics have their place, the art of analytics enables us to analyze what is happening on your site and fully monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. By measuring performance against goals, we then produce actionable recommendations to drive deeper engagement, increased search engine visibility, and results.

Varun Infosys’s Lead Analyst is Google Analytics IQ certified and has years of insightful experience in analytics with outstanding results.