Application Maintenance: Seamless Performance Each and Every Day

At Varun Infosys, we don't just develop and implement applications. We also support them.

Tier-2 Support: With our Tier-2 Support package, we work on tickets from your Tier-1 Support teams, analyzing them from a business perspective. If there are any questions, our support analysts work directly with your business users to seek clarifications. They then complete the remaining analysis and resolve any issues that don't require modifications to the application code. If code changes are required, the analyst reassigns the ticket to the Tier-3 Support team.

Tier-3 Support: The Tier-3 team includes technical analysts who conduct detailed impact analyses, based on the initial analysis provided by the Tier-2 team. In effect, Tier-2 analysts function as an interface between Tier-3 and business users. Following analysis and design, code modifications are carried out and followed by regression testing, user acceptance testing, and deployment.

When your business requires that issues get resolved quickly and effectively, Varun Infosys Support is the solution you need.

Roughly 70% of a typical IT budget is spent maintaining existing applications. The remaining 30% is spent developing new applications.

If operational efficiency is your goal, it's imperative to maintain existing applications in a cost-effective manner. Failure to do so can eat up your budget and lock key staff into maintenance roles – preventing them from focusing on more critical initiatives.

Varun Infosys's Application Management team offers a wide range of support services, including:

  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Enhancement
  • Product Services

The result? Reduced cost of ownership, a release in bandwidth for key personnel, and improved operational efficiency.

Services Offered

Portfolio Analysis

We will analyze your IT application process from a business-value perspective. From there, we identify applications that can be maintained, enhanced, re-engineered, or retired to improve efficiency and value. To ensure optimal results, we work collaboratively with key stakeholders and business leads in identifying opportunities and exploring solutions.

Application Maintenance

Need help? We can take over the entire responsibility of managing your IT applications, relieving you of the responsibility – and time commitment – of maintaining and enhancing applications. As part of this service, we can also maintain the required infrastructure.

Product Support

When you're working with complicated systems, bugs can arise. Varun Infosys provides corrective maintenance and fixes for your production systems, with 24/7 availability. This service can be provided on-site or offshore.

Application Enhancement

Varun Infosys has a well-defined iterative development model which enhances the speed and accuracy with which new features can be added to your existing applications and products.