Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Building Search Engine Visibility

When it comes to your digital presence, SEO is essential to success. Ensuring that your brand is found in search engines isn’t a nice to have; it’s critical. Consider this: Every day, 46% of hundreds of millions of searches are for products and services. On Google alone, 20% of monthly searches are for local businesses. It’s well established – people – your customers – are online and using search engines to:

  • Research products and services
  • Find a business near them
  • Purchase products and services
  • And much more

Varun Infosys Digital helps businesses intercept and engage prospects where they search, building equity and momentum for your brand online.

SEO Strategy: Put Your Business Where the People Are Searching

Search engine optimization is research-based, leveraging keyword insights and a deep understand pathways to enhance visibility for your business online. After identifying your organization’s goals and objectives, SEO programs include:

  • Keyword Research: We dig deep to uncover how your potential customers are searching.
  • Initial on-page optimization: Based on the insights derived from SEO research, your site is aligned with how your customers are conducting searches – form site text and meta data to optimized navigation and technical upgrades.
  • Ongoing optimization: As insights emerge, they are captured and leveraged to build your brand presence, leaving no opportunity on the table.
  • Link Building: SEO isn’t just about your website – although that’s critical. Equally important is the pathways that link to your business throughout the web.

Proactive response to industry dynamics, competitive moves, and search engine changes inform our ongoing approach to keeping your business top of line. Search engine optimization is a long-term investment not a short term play – but it makes all the difference in a search-based world.