Our Product Accounting Module has been developed with enriched features which can keep Accounting System of our customers in Excellent condition towards successful growing organization. We can say Accounting is Heart of any Business in other words “The Language of Business”.

Product’s Special Features

Financial Accounting (Multi Currency)  Voucher Authorizations in order to POST into Accounts  

Bank Reconciliation Statement

Drill Down Facility From Ledger Statements   

Multi Warehouse and Location Inventory Management System  

Sales Tax Reports

Branch Accounting 

Multi Level Discount Structures  

VAT Returns/Registers  

Service Tax /Registers

Production /Work Orders /Planning /Bill Of Material  

Excise Duty/Registers  

Production /QC Inspection  

Production /Batch/Lot Processing

Production Stage wise Analysis  

MIS Reporting Analysis  

Funds Flow Analysis  

Budgeting And Variance Analysis

Inventory Analysis /ABC Analysis /Slow Moving Analysis  

Sales And Purchases Analysis   

Sale Order Management

Purchase Order Management  

Comparison Analysis   

Sales And Order Analysis /Customer/Area/Branch/ Sales Employee /Line Of Business