Green Innovation-  Making organizations paperless through digitization 

M/s. Varun Infosys - Our green innovation journey to achieve a more sustainable and inclusive growth is challenging and exciting. We work with partners and co-create with clients to bring integrated responses to sustainability challenges.

Our Sustainability unit, the internal Green Initiatives group and M/s. Varun Infosys Labs are working closely on various green innovation initiatives. We have set up important research institutes in sustainability, emerging economies, pervasive computing technologies and new commerce models within M/s. Varun Infosys Labs.

We help our partners do sustainable business by combining innovative thinking with sustainability principles to enhance their competitive advantage. We share significant instances where we have helped implement or create business solutions that can enable social transformation and resource conservation.

Making organizations paperless through digitization

Our Enterprise Digitization Initiative covers us against risks of damage as well as contributes to the environment by reducing paper consumption. Our initiative provides:

  • A single document storage platform for the entire company across geographies
  • Upload of scanned documents to repositories
  • Search capability to locate both authored and scanned documents

Enabling product compliance and sustainability

Our Product Compliance & Sustainability (PC&S) solution conceptualizes, envisions and co-creates compliance and sustainability strategy with the clients. The solution studies the PC&S aspects of product development at all stages while encapsulating the green and sustainable aspects in it.

Intelligent Server Room Monitoring solution

Productivity in nearly 60% of data centers and server rooms is affected by down-time due to environmental conditions such as temperature variations, UPS failure, humidity, water leakage, smoke, inappropriate air flow, etc.

Our Server Room Monitoring solution monitors key environmental parameters in enterprise server rooms. It provides real-time information and alerts for organizations to take corrective action when key environmental parameters are off-threshold limits. It helps cut down monitoring costs and reduces accidents.