Sustainability Overview at M/s. Varun Infosys

Sustainability is not optional but a business imperative. M/s. Varun Infosys has always adhered to the sustainable approach to business and has helped clients conduct their business in a sustainable manner. We look at sustainable practices as an opportunity to apply our core strengths for social good, and innovate to create winning solutions.

We are aware that growth is inextricably linked to the well-being of our ecosystem - employees, business partners, local communities and the environment. Our sustainability policy guides interactions with stakeholders and influences day-to-day actions.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we collaborate with clients and governments to develop sustainable solutions and governance frameworks.

The main area of focuses on our activities - business-as-usual as well as beyond business - and improves our progress in the pursuit of sustainable growth. It delineates our sustainability agenda across three areas:

Social contract

Enterprises have an extended set of stakeholders today - local communities, social organizations, and the society - who can influence the future of business. These stakeholders have an ethical, social and environmental expectation that extends beyond financial goals and legal requirements. We believe that these social covenants are fundamental to nurture stakeholder trust and ensure business continuity.

Resource intensity

In the face of accelerated depletion of natural resources, incremental increases in resource efficiencies are not sufficient and beyond a point, optimization gets prohibitively expensive. Resource intensity is about doing far more with far less. It is about finding transformational ways to de-intensify and achieve the same or better outcome, using fewer resources.

Green innovation

Business imperatives such as environmental sustenance and resource conservation are providing new opportunities for enterprises to innovate and spur business growth. Green innovation is about addressing sustainability challenges through innovation, differentiation, driving efficiencies and creating new avenues for growth.