Search Engine Marketing

SEM, Paid Search, CPC

Be Visible Where Your Prospects Search

Search engine marketing is often approached as a separate initiative from web strategy – but done well, they work together, hand in hand. Varun Infosys Digital crafts SEM campaigns that create immediate visibility for our clients, producing invaluable insights into search behavior that inform new thinking, enhanced digital strategies, and new ways to intercept searchers in the act.

More than Ads – SEM Insights

Search marketing is an active initiative, requiring precision strategies, well-written ads, and ongoing refinement to ensure maximum value and impact. Deep keyword research informs all of our plans. User behavior reveals continual opportunities for campaign optimization. And as part of your overall digital marketing strategy, SEM insights intersect with SEO, content strategy, and more.

  • Keyword Research: Put your marketing messages in your prospects’ words.
  • Campaign set up: The right campaign structure is critical to deriving actionable insights.
  • Ad development: Short and sweet, SEM ad copy has to be smart to get noticed.
  • A/B testing: Don’t just take our word for it. We test and test again to get every ad right.
  • Landing pages: Pay off your clicks with content designed to capture leads.
  • Analytics and Optimization: Ongoing data analysis keeps your campaigns on track.

SEO and SEM complement each other. While SEO takes time, paid search can fill the gap in the interim. SEM insights also inform SEO, revealing in real time keyword insights that deepen you overall search strategy. Moreover, research shows that people are two times as likely to click on an organic search result if they see your organization’s paid search ad for the same keyword. Varun Infosys Digital will help you craft the right search engine marketing mix for your business.